Monday Misprices for The Memorial Tournament

Monday Misprices for The Memorial Tournament

This week, it's for Jack. Muirfield Village always proves to be a difficult track to conquer, so let's see if we can find some sub $8K values on Draftkings ready to break through...

$7,700-JASON "IT'S A BEAUTIFUL" DAY-elite track record here, as he is a member and should be more familiar with the recent changes than most. Also has a high-apex ball-flight in his arsenal which should help land the ball softly on these firm, fast, Augusta-like greens.

$7,600-THE BEZ-substantial recent lurkage in big events (PGA and Euro). Top-tier scrambler. Just needs to put four rounds together in a row to win a BIG event very, very soon.

$7,500-KEVIN STREELDOGGIE-recent form is stellar, good history here with a 4th and a 7th in two out of the last three years. I anticipate this golden mix of recent form and course history to collide in a big way.

$7,400-MATT "THE ICE MAN" WALLACE-just strking the piss out of the ball so well right now it would be foolish to not pepper. Blatant Liam is advocating the HAMMER based on this, as well as his 4th here last year, and I must concur.

$7,100-THE GOOCH-he's hitting the long irons too well not to play. His only flaw is really that he just has trouble breaking through the T-30 ceiling into T-20 and T-10 range. He's a midwestern guy who should make the cut and possibly creep up the leaderboard even further.

$7,000-AARON THE "WISE" MAN-great T2G L6 months and Honda success correlates here. Usually I prefer him on a coastal layout, but anytime ball-striking and approach and paramount, as they usually are on difficult courses, I like the Wise man to lurk.

SUB $7K SICKO SPECIALS (tread lightly):

$6,600-VICTORy PEREZ-gut play on the 34th ranked player in the world, mostly based on his lurkage in the Match Play, and at the correlated Sawgrass earlier this Spring.

$6,200-RCB-sneakily playing much better for the last month, superb driver of the golf ball.

$6,100-COUSIN KYLE STANLEY-three top six finishes here over the last decade, mixed with LEADING the field in approach last week, the man with a prominent place in my heart will be hammered this week. Be forewarned: his ownership could be near that of Vince THE WHALE last week, but sometimes you just have to eat the chalk to shit gold.




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